Wednesday, September 2, 2015

General Housekeeping

Itinerant Schedule:

Monday - Art

Tuesday - Phys Ed

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Phys Ed/Health

Friday - Music

School Hours

This year there has been an extra 15 minutes added into our school day. Students may enter the classroom at 8:50 and the late bell rings at 8:55. Our school day now ends at 3:10.Dismissal for walkers is at the back door around the left hand side if you are facing the building. Please make a great effort to have your child here on time each day. If afternoon plans change, please send a note in with your child.


Each day your child will be allowed 1 snack around 10:30.We are a peanut free classroom. I understand how picky children can be. Your child may bring peanut butter, but it must be eaten in the lunchroom, not our classroom. Students go to lunch at 11:55 each day. Please remind them that a snack is something small, not a sandwich!


A homework folder is sent home on a daily basis. It is to be returned each day as it is also a form of communication. Homework is a reinforcement of what has been taught. Part of your child's homework each night is to read for 10-15 minutes. Reading logs must be filled in each night and should be left in your child's homework folder. Daily book bags will be sent home with a leveled book for your child. Have your child practice the book a few times and then return it to school the next day. We strive to give each student a book they can read independently, however, if the book is difficult for your child, please put a note in the bag to let me know.


I will be scheduling conferences in early November. If you would like to meet with me at any other time or have a question, please call the school or send a note in with your child. I will contact you within a day, maybe two if things are busy, to either have a phone conversation or set up a meeting at school. If you send a note with our child, please double check to be sure they have turned it in to me. Sometimes they do forget!

Spelling List

New spelling words will be given each week. They will be based on the phonics skill for the week. Each child will be given 10-12 words to study for that week. Students will be tested each Friday. The word list will be sent home on Monday and will also be posted on my blog.

Welcome to Grade 1

Welcome to 1st GRADE!!!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your children this year!
I look forward to a wonderful year ! I usually try to update my blog on a weekly basis so please check back frequently for important dates and activities. I do send home a hard copy of our weekly newsletter, but I will also upload a copy to the blog page just in case. Listed below are a few important dates!

Important dates:
Tuesday, September 8th- School Picture Day
Wednesday, September 9th- Open House 6:30